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Updated: May 7, 2021

Do you have control in your fitness, nutrition, and mindset?

Control plays a big role when it comes to our health. With our fitness, our nutrition, and our mindset, we have to have control. Sometimes life happens and we can't control that, but we can control is how we react.

Practice control with your fitness. Listen to your body. Know when you need to push yourself a little harder. Know when you may need to back off and let your body recover. Have control with your body movement. Move with grace. Focus on having control and muscle engagement as you exercise. You are in control.

Practice control with your nutrition. Be mindful with each meal. Eat to fuel your body. Have portion control. Push yourself to have a balanced diet. Remind yourself that you aren't just eating for fun, you're eating because your body needs it and you are taking care of your body. You are in control.

Practice control with your mindset. Pay close attention to what you pay attention to. Stay mindful of what you're letting in your mind. Know that negative thoughts will arise but it's what you do with those thoughts that matter. Think in a growth mindset. Let your thoughts grow who you are as a person. You are in control.

Spend some time looking at the self-control in your life. Think about which areas you have strong control and which areas you may need to spend more time working on.

And always remember that you have the strength within to stay in control!

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