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Here are the LPFIT Online Coaching options. These options are all customized to your needs and goals. If you are ready to invest in yourself, we have options for a nutrition focus and a fitness & nutrition focus, both with accountability! Please send all in-person, personal training inquiries to



If you are trying to get your nutrition under control in a way that works with your life, this coaching is for you. There are no meal plans. With this accountability coaching you will send me what you eat and I will provide you with feedback according to your goals. We will work together to make a game plan and hold you accountable to your food choices.

$125/month (4 weeks)

$300/3 month bundle (12 weeks)



Workout on your own but have no clue what to do? This coaching is for you. This coaching includes a workout plan that is customized based off of your goals and needs. We will check in with each other to keep you on track. We'll discuss your nutrition and mindset as well, to keep you accountable to your goals!

Staying consistent for 3 months is a great start to seeing major results so get a discounted rate for committing yourself to 3 months!

$200/month (4 weeks)

$500/3 month bundle (12 weeks)



If you are looking for in-person personal training, click below! This will take you to a inquiry page. We will get back to you with openings and pricing options. Spots are limited. Check out one of our above options until we possibly have an in-person spot for you!

Upon availability, 1-3 days a week options are available!


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