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Simple Exercise

Updated: May 7, 2021

Exercise does not have to be complicated!

Sometimes when we get inspired to start working out, we think we have to jump in full force with crazy workouts that include all kinds of equipment. This sounds great and like it could be super inspiring for you; but, the truth is, a lot of people get overwhelmed quick with this approach.

Simple exercise is GREAT and EFFECTIVE. So don't underestimate starting there.

Take walks.

Do bodyweight exercises.

Focus on stretching.

All of these will help to strengthen your body and increase your endurance which will prepare you for more intense exercise down the road.

Here is a workout with simple exercises to get you going!

Always warm up before exercising! Then cool down and get a solid few minutes of stretching in. Stay hydrated and push yourself!

Do this circuit 3-5 times! If you only get 3 rounds the first time, push yourself to get 4 the next time! Then work your way to getting all 5 in!

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