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Unilateral Training

Training single-sided has so many benefits. This is what unilateral exercises do, they work one side at the time. Unilateral training allows you to use both sides of your body equally because they are working separately. When you train both at the same time, you may be allowing dominant sides to put in more effort. So including some unilateral exercises will not allow that, and therefore allow even chance of effort.

Here are some benefits of unilateral exercises:

-helps isolate and correct muscle imbalances

-helps avoid overusing dominant side

-helps prevent overtraining

-improves balance

-utilizes core muscles

-improves core strength

-aids in injury prevention

-helps with rehabilitation

Here are some examples of lower body unilateral exercises!

And here is an example of an upper body unilateral exercise!

Whether you feel like you need to correct muscle imbalances or you just want to switch up your training, add in some unilateral exercises to your workout routine! Use these examples above to get you going!

Email me at if you need help with creating a plan that works for you!

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