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2023 is here!

Happy new year! I hope you've had a great start to 2023! I know you always hear the whole "new year, new you" idea, but no matter how you feel about that there is a motivation that comes with the start of a new year. I encourage you to set some goals for yourself for the year. Think about what you want to accomplish and where you want to be. Health, fitness, career, spiritual, financial, and family goals are all great areas to spend time thinking about.

There are a lot of lists out there of what to focus on for a new year when it comes to your health journey. I put together a few things that I think will be helpful to get you on track. Check it out!


Accountability is huge when it comes to reaching your goals. Especially if you struggle to stay on track on your own. So reach out to a friend, make a calendar to have in front of you, hire a coach, etc. Figure out what form of accountability will best help you to reach your goals for the year. You are responsible for you, and that includes implementing some accountability into your life.


Mindfulness is key in so many areas. Mindfulness is a broad idea that can be implemented in many ways. For example, mindfulness with fitness can look like intentional exercise and proper form, in nutrition it can look like portion control, and with your mental health it can be controlling what you allow yourself to watch and listen to. Decide how you can be more mindful in all areas of your life.


Drink your water! It's amazing how much better you feel when you stay hydrated. If you aren't feeling your best, it's very possible that you may be dehydrated and just had no idea.


Planning and prepping can change the game for you. Plan your exercise. Plan your meals. Plan your day. Then do any prep that you need to keep each of these on track. We know anything can happen to throw these plans off but that's ok. Even with a plan, you can adjust, and you'll feel a lot better with that adjustment knowing that you had a plan. It's so mentally refreshing to be prepared!

Move your body


Even if you are go go go all day, there is a difference in that and intentional exercise. So make time for exercise. Take a walk. Go for a bike ride. Do a bodyweight workout at home. Go to the gym. There are so many ways to move your body. Don't let your excuses keep you from improving your health. Exercise does so much, not only for our bodies, but for our minds. It may look different day to day, but spend some time moving your body every day!

I hope this list is helpful for you! If you need help reaching your health and fitness goals, please reach out! Email me with questions or check out my coaching options at the link below!

Happy new year! I wish you the best year!

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