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Prepping is SUCH a great action that can help you to stay on track all week. Prep in whatever way would most benefit you! Some people like to full on prep meals so that can heat and eat, others can prep by getting necessary groceries for the week so that they are prepared to cook each day. Find the prep that works best for you and roll with it!

Also, be sure to think about snack options. You may have meals prepped or ready to be cooked but if you don't have some snack options available you will be more likely to grab something that could throw you off from your goals. A lot of people are so focused on meal prep that they forget about snacks! Have some higher protein snack options, clean/cut veggies, have portions of fruit ready, and pre pack them for the day!

Here is a video of some watermelon prep! Watermelon is such a yummy summer snack!

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